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Who is Splatt Hydro™?

Splatt Hydro™ is a manufacturer of advanced Hydroponic and Aeroponic growing systems. We have refined and tested these systems for over 10 years. Our products are designed for ease of use and for maximum yield, no matter what you decide to grow. Our designs are the best and the most efficient in the agricultural world.

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Perfect for a 4"x8" tent!

The Aeromaster 40/10 is perfect for people in small areas. This is a system setup in a 4" X 8" Sunhut and has the perfect amount of room for an air conditioner and co2 tank!

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Designed to fit my needs!

This system was custom desined for a large scale grower. Keep in mind the infinate expandablity and virsitility that splatt hydro offers! Call and get a custom designed machine for your own garden.

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Ever seen a vertical column?

Low on space? Set upa vertical colum and grow huge plants around it. Splatt Hydro is involved in lots of different growing styles, we are still looking for the best - keep you updated!

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Home/Hobby Systems

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Aero Pod™ has a model suited for everyone’s’ growing needs and is perfect for the perpetual gardener when staging a crop rotation. The system works equally well with overhead or vertical lighting.  Click tight custom fitted net cups easily snap into place.

Commercial Systems

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Aero Master™ systems provide the perfect environment for the plants to absorb maximum nutrients, leaving today’s conventional systems far short of the plants potential nutrient absorption. 

Introducing the Pinnacle series

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Introducing the Pinnacle Series aeroponics™ by Splatt Hydro™ with Custom manifold with center deck support!

Our Ballistic Rooting Formula is now available at

Come out and see us in Woodvillage!

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Splatt Systems utilize the best of aeroponics and hydroponics in one package ready to "Splatt out your Garden" We decided to make our own systems because the current hydroponic systems are not capable of handling large plants. Splatt has systems in all sizes!

Supplier of all the industry high demand, top of the line products
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If we don't have it we will get it, without the high costs. 
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Splatt has the answers for you on all aspects of growing.